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Owner Venustas
Status offline
Players 0/30
Version 1.13
Rank 54
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Uptime 100%
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Types TownySurvivalPvEMini GamesEconomy

Custom crates - Monthly and tier level crates! Awesome rewards!
Trench pickaxes - Mine in a 3 by 3 square with a unique pickaxe!
GUI shop - Buy and sell items anywhere in the world!
Chairs - Legs tired? Take a seat on a chair!
DailyBonus - Receive money rewards for logging in daily!
BattlePass - Just like Fortnite, special challenges!
PlayerSkills - Level up your stats and player health!
MobArena - Fight up to 100 waves of mobs!
EliteArmour - Custom armour sets with bonuses!
Custom Enchants - Unique vanilla and custom enchantments!
Weekly updates - New features added every weekend!