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Owner benbsings
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Players 0/0
Version 1.12
Rank 34
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Uptime 100%
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Types PvPSkyblockFactions

Welcome to minejex!

Minejex is the next up in coming hypixel in a work in progress development by professional moderators and devs! even in this early state, the server is still amazing with an amazing spawn and amazing pvp experience! with many kits such as tank guardian legend and way more! But we had an idea to do /vote and you will unlock even more kits with every /vote that you do!

And we now have a brand new skyblock game mode! in which you will get 3 different choices for islands! Black diamond (the hardest), the duo island and the normal island (the easiest on recommended for new players) and we are working on an all-new /shop where you could buy the items you need by farming and selling it for farming and sell other stuff such as ores like iron coal and diamonds!

And we have a brand new cosmetics system! With pets trails, outfits, emotes and much more! (my favourite being the rave outfit :D) and to unlock these cosmetics you can open crates such as the voting crate, basic crate, and the lunar crate! Remember this server is work on progress so please tell us if you find a bug! And we all hope you will join and enjoy your stay! and look out for any updates in the game department because we soon our creating a creative game mode and a bedwars game mode similar to hypixel's and the hive also join our discord! for these updates at

-jakemoreton897 & infantywar