Server Info

Skylane Skyblock | Story mode | S-Reward
Owner Sargom
Status offline
Players 0/999
Version 1.13
Rank 60
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 9 hour(s) ago
Types SkyblockParkourKitPvPAnarchy

This is a unique skyblock server, why you may ask?
we have something that has never been tried out before!
we have Skyblock Story mode!
allong with that we have
- FREE ranks
- Custom Enchants
- Island upgrades
- PvP arenas
- /Sell Available for everyone
- Tree Feller
- Auctions
- Coinflip
- A Unique PvP System
- A balanced /Shop
- Gui based server
- And Allot more Custom plugins!
- You will regret not trying this!
We also have weekly updates to our story mode so you can never get bored on this
allong with Season rewards:
- Top 3 Islands
- Top 3 Voters
- Top 3 Donators
- Top 3 PvPer's
A Whole new experience!